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Notable Livestream Guests:
Ashley C. Ford (Author)
Sampson Levingston (Through2Eyes)
Oreo Jones (81355)
Sonja Overhiser (A Couple Cooks)

4 Channel HDMI livestream Switcher
4 UHD/4K Capable Cameras
8 Channel Audio Mixer
4 Wireless Lavalier Microphones
3 Wired Microphones
HD Live Recording
Multi-Channel Broadcasting
Event Planning
4K Post Production

When the pandemic first emerged, I found myself immersed in voluntary work as a video producer with the Indianapolis chapter of Creative Mornings. Being part of the world's largest in-person community, the pandemic had the potential to shatter the progress we had meticulously built since 2014. However, instead of succumbing to a hiatus, we swiftly pivoted.

Embracing the challenge head-on, I delved into the realm of live streaming, investing in the necessary equipment to seamlessly transpose the intimate atmosphere we cherished from our events onto a novel platform—the internet. As the pandemic's grip gradually eased, we remained steadfast in our commitment to integrate live streaming as a foundational pillar of our event strategy.

Live streaming emerges as an invaluable instrument for capturing top-tier content that resonates with global audiences. Its inherent accessibility paves the way for a remarkably diverse spectrum of viewers. From the usual participants battling a cold to individuals with disabilities, we extend our reach to accommodate everyone in their unique circumstances.