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Indy Peace Fellowship

The Indy Peace Fellowship stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to empowering individuals to transcend the challenges of their past while imparting the wisdom to shape a promising new future. Extensive research underscores the origins of a substantial proportion of violent crimes in personal conflicts, frequently rooted in persistent disenfranchisement concerning employment, education, housing, and other vital aspects. Through a proactive approach targeting individuals exhibiting specific risk factors, they offer unwavering, comprehensive guidance over both succinct and extended periods. In doing so, they undertake a gradual and profound metamorphosis of the lives of residents, families, neighborhoods, and the entirety of the Indianapolis community.
We generously provided a canvas for candid sharing, posing questions that unearthed important details.

Our goal was to explore the complex stories and emotions woven into the conversations between the fellows and life coaches, which we had the privilege to do during the interviews.

Empathetic Engagement
We let our guests share while guiding them with questions to naturally elaborate and discuss..

Artful Composition
By carefully listening and understanding, we extracted the core of these interviews, creating narratives that adapted and resonated. Our flexible approach allowed stories to grow naturally, avoiding strict pre-set structures.

Andrea Hunley

It was a privilege to collaborate with Senator Andrea Hunley on crafting her campaign ad and curating the "Voices of the District" interview series. Andrea's entrance into the political arena brought a wave of enthusiasm to our community. Her profound dedication to our locality, coupled with her expertise as a principal and successful business owner, has been a driving force in elevating the status of our state. Given the heightened competitiveness of the primary campaign, our concerted efforts were focused on skillfully portraying her narrative. As one of her constiuents, I’m proud to have her representing me and my community. 
Through discussion and teamwork, we found a script that authentically conveyed her story in a captivating way.

Whenever you're around Andrea, you feel her positive energy. Her compassion, understanding, and resilience are truly inspiring.

Whether on or off camera, Andrea remains unchanged. Our filming process took place in genuine settings, with real individuals throughout.

Andy Nielsen

Engaging with Andy, it's clear why his ad focuses on "Hard Working People." He's a dynamic force, fully invested in the East Side. In his spare moments, he engages with community leaders and neighbors. During filming, he even proposed a scene of him cleaning storm drains on his street – gloves, bucket, and tools ready. This wasn't just for show; Andy genuinely maintains those drains. After our rewarding project collaboration, I genuinely see Andy as a friend. 

I was the director, cinematographer, and script writer.
Through discussion and teamwork, we found a script that authentically conveyed her story in a captivating way.

We aimed to portray Andy's determination to engage with his community, even if it meant patiently waiting for the community to arrive.

Andy excels at bringing people together and fostering connections. His presence adds genuine happiness to any room, while his conversations are marked by deep compassion.

Justin Moed

Justin Moed embodies the essence of a true public servant. His focus lies in working closely with the community, rather than seeking publicity on platforms like the news or social media. He finds contentment in engaging both literally and metaphorically, actively participating in hands-on endeavors.

Amid the pandemic, we embarked on a video series project for Justin Moed. Prioritizing community safety, we selected public spaces like courtyards, city streets, and Garfield Park for filming. For the well-being of our interviewees, we maintained safe distances and wore masks throughout the production. With over two dozen interviews, crafting a coherent narrative about Justin Moed's compassion and dedication wasn't an easy feat, but the result was a clear testament to his character.
During the pandemic, filming required adapting to our guests' needs in various ways. This included traveling across town or filming outdoors, ensuring everyone's safety.

Artful Composition
Through attentive listening and thoughtful editing, we distilled the essence of these interviews, crafting adaptable and resonant narratives.

We dedicated effort to showcase the diverse range of support Justin Moed garnered during his years of public service.